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TV Journal of 2021

Published on .

📺 TV Journal of 2021

With services like Letterboxd,, and Backloggd, I enjoy keeping track of the films I watch, music I listen to, and games I play, respectively. And just like those, I also enjoy keeping track of the TV shows I watch.

But I haven't found any service that provides this in I way I'd enjoy. So for a couple of years I've simply written down a list of the shows I watch when I finish their respective seasons.

This year, however, I decided to make this into a more interesting project for me, so I created a Notion (🤍) table to keep track of the shows, with the start and finish dates, my rating and short review, and some other simple data.

Here it is:
My TV Journal of 2021.

I will be updating it as I start and finish a season of the shows I watch during the year. I want to use this as yet another opportunity to practice my writing as well.

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