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Satelite beta

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Try the Satelite beta out now!

Screenshot of Satelite in dark mode

One year ago today, as part of "celebrating" the 6th anniversary of Reeddit's release, I announced I was working on "Reeddit 2".

It's been a whole year since then, and I have surely but very slowly been working on the successor to Reeddit.

But since today marks the 7-year anniversary of Reeddit's release, I have decided to just put the result of my work so far out there!

As mentioned at the start, Reeddit 2 is actually named Satelite.

One of the many lessons I learned with Reeddit was that "Reeddit" is not a good name for a Reddit client; people were always misspelling it, or thinking that "reddit" had been misspelt. Furthermore, .app domains became available every since, and I wanted to get one!

Satelite #

"Satelite" is Español for..."Satellite", but it's also a reflection of my effort to offer a lite (as in, lean and fast) Reddit experience, specially compared with's own experience.

Why though? #

I built the original Reeddit out of the desire to have a better way to browse and read Reddit on my mobile and tablet, since back then they had a really lackluster mobile experience.

Turns out that while they improved this a lot in modern, they are now annoyingly pushing their native apps while using it.

I built Reeddit, and now Satelite, because I wanted a simpler, faster, mobile-friendly way to browse and use reddit on the web.

What's new? #

The biggest change in comparison to the original Reeddit is that Satelite requires your reddit account to work. So you get your subscriptions and multireddits (I call them Channels), and you can save and vote posts. You can also un/subscribe to subreddits and create new Channels as well.

I will soon start working on taking more advantage of having the accounts, so you can comment on posts, and reply on comments and other pretty common stuff.

Feedback, please! #

I would love for you to try Satelite out and send me any suggestion you might have or bug report you might find.

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